Standing 12 feet tall and made of 1/4″ weathering steel, “Mascot” is a commemorative custom sculpture of an early stern-wheel driven steamboat that operated on the Lewis River at the turn of the century.

The “Mascot” art project was installed June 2009 by Hoffman Plaza in downtown Woodland, WA.

Completed “Mascot” steamboat sculpture.

Due to the nature of weathering steel when exposed to the elements, a protective layer of rust forms giving the sculpture its unique rusty look.

Mascot Sternwheeler circa 1900

This photo and others provided inspiration for the sculpture’s design. However the overall length of the boat was shortened due to space constraints.


A model of the project.

Sandblasting after welding.

Installing with a crane.

View from a distance.

Although the steamboat was grey colored when installed, in a couple months it turned the rusty color shown in the first photo.